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Too lazy to write? Or too lazy to think?

I get that feeling. All lazy people can. So many ideas screaming in the head but too shy to come out and say hello. Can't speak for everyone but I am LAZY, to the tee. Well, I am not proud of this but we got to admit who we are. In the end, we got to face ourselves.

Sometimes, solving a problem begins with breaking it down, but that takes efforts. Ask a lazy person. They don't even like detangling their hair, forget detangling an earphone, and everything that can get tangled. (I used to cut my entangled hair because combing it properly required so much effort. You can judge me, it's fine. I also cut off people from my life who arrive only to make things complicated and worse, because we can't simplify humans as per our own liking, can we?) Gosh, there are so many things!

But one fine day, I asked myself - What am I lazier about? Writing or thinking about writing? After a short argument, my heart and my head concluded, "it's writing". And that didn't sound good at all. For half of the day, I sat down with myself, contemplating, reflecting, introspecting. The other half, laid on the couch and wondered. And then slept over it.

The next day. Slept over it. Stayed up the whole night and thought about it. And it went on and on, drowning me into the whirlpool.

On the third day, I got too lazy to address this problem altogether.

And today is the fourth day. I am too lazy to think about it. But I am writing about it. The waves of laziness in my life. Now, that I understand some parts of it, I think I can take care of it to some extent. Since I am never too lazy to think, I have made peace with the fact that I need to just get up and jot down my ideas, before I am too lazy to do that.

As I write this blog, I am also wondering what really made me so lazy about writing? No point discussing everything else because that would take time and effort, you see. I have always been this passionate kid who loved to express the thoughts that crossed her mind, the emotions she understood and also the ones she didn't, who liked to write about everything that she observed, smelled, or heard - all that made her wonder, all that made her curious.

Writing acquired an entirely different meaning for me when I entered the professional space, almost 7 years ago. It wasn't just about the power of words anymore, it got a business value.

What keywords are you using? We got to make it SEO rich!

How many views did your last article get?

What's the point of writing if no one's reading?

Did this article get more traffic on our website?

Does this article have a CTA?

What hyperlinks have been used?

How many words? H1, H2, order?

Do you think it can show up on Google's first page? Because everything is dead if it won't!

Nobody ever asked me - What impact do you visualize with this article of yours? What is the message you have for the readers? What are the real-life examples you have cited in this piece to help the readers connect with the story?

I slowly began to miss the originality, the freshness, the innocence in writing. Yes, the "business value" of every piece made me lazy. But, can we complain? This is what the writers are paid for.

However, I would also urge my writer friends who are too lazy to write but not too lazy to think, to never miss an opportunity to jot down their thoughts on the closest object around - notepad, laptop, tissue paper, newspaper header, shopping bag, desk, gift wrapping paper, toilet paper, old photographs, ribbons - anything that you can get hold of. You never know when the time for that idea would arrive. Now, today, tonight, tomorrow, this month, next month, this year, the next, or years after. But it will arrive.

And so, to nourish the ideas in my head, work on stories I wish to share with the world, give voice to the ones who have so much to say, add a little love, light, and hope, I decided to write my heart out at The Story Bar. I am curious to know if you too struggle with levels of laziness and how do you find inspiration to pen down your thoughts. Feel free to reach out to me at


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