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Meet The Founder

What does it mean to feel heard, seen, and valued? 

Why is it important? 

How does this help the people around you?

Imagine a community, where there's room for everyone. Where every story matters. Because there are stories just waiting to be told. 

I have always been extremely passionate about people, curious to understand their roots, their journey, what inspires them, what scares them, and what makes them believe in everything. 


With over eight years of experience in content creation and interviewing people from all walks of life,  I am relentlessly pursuing my dream to bring out great stories, finding my 'why' in listening to people and helping them share their power with the world.

At The Story Bar, we strive to make every story count. Everyone is a change-maker. Why restrict the platform to a set of people?

Truth, lies, love, hope, rise, and fall — everything beyond and between, they all make a good story.  


Let’s make some room for light, let’s hear your story.

With love, 

Garima Gayatri

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