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  • Pragya Priyadarshani

Corporate Storytelling: What is the problem your business solves?

Storytelling is perfectly an amalgamation where experiences, ideas, information, and opinions come together to make a unique story. Since ages, we have known about the history of human lives where storytelling has kept people alive not just in terms of telling their stories about life but also listening and helping others in moments of crisis and the joy in moments of celebrations. What do you think about storytelling? Well, I can say that it’s always a pleasure to talk to people and listen to what they want to say and how they feel - in the modern times and the way it was in the old times. And this goes beyond our personal journeys and plays an integral role in professional life as well. We look at it as corporate storytelling where professionals can talk about their business, the problem it intends to solve, seek information, build relationships with the employees, and most importantly brand visibility through effective communication. This also attracts the audiences with a unique source of information - an experience with the business even before becoming a part of it.

What is Corporate Storytelling and why is this important in modern society?

Corporate storytelling is a welcoming idea to talk about your organization’s journey, growth, and business. It builds a foundation to connect with the larger audience and gives you an opportunity to really talk to them. Enlightening and valuable.

I would like to give a very simple example in our day to day life and from my own personal experience.

Let’s consider a book reviewer. Suppose A is reading a book The Da Vinci Code and he comes across a pretty exciting part of the book that he shares with his friend B. We can say that A is reading and analyzing the story of the book and is also sharing the story with his friend B. While B finds it very insightful to hear this story from A and also what he has to say about this story of the book The Da Vinci Code. Now, B would either go into the depth of the book, reading it himself, or share it with someone who is an avid reader, urging him or her to read that book.
Brand awareness, word of mouth. Sale of the book. Some very crucial elements in any business.

When it comes to business or corporate storytelling the above example relates to this in a more subtle way. And here if we talk about a company and its employees one can easily figure out through corporate storytelling the pros and cons of the company, its team, work-life, and culture. Corporate storytelling acknowledges the company and its employees. It has a lot to say about the journey of the organization itself - the struggles, failures, and successes.

How Corporate Storytelling makes an impact?

Building relationships with the other companies and getting to know each other better in terms of corporate business.

Brand visibility and awareness through communications in the form of interviews, conferences, campaigns etc.

Marketing about the company’s strategy and goals.

Attracting the audiences and helping them better understand about the reach and the work of the company.

Acknowledging the facts and figures about the business shares and bonds.

Tell Your Story

Let people know where did it all begin. Share your story. As humans, we connect more with another human, rather than business jargons, facts, and numbers. Let people know what problem you are solving through your business and how it would help them. Remember, why you started in the first place, was it just for the money?


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