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Meet The Founder

Garima Gayatri is the Founder and Host at The Story Bar. She believes in being the reason that empowers people to feel that they are heard, seen, and valued. She created this platform as a space for everyone, to share their stories. Extremely passionate about people, Garima comes with a diverse range of experience in writing, editing, and storytelling. She has interviewed some eminent people from all walks of life and is relentlessly pursuing her dream to bring out great stories, finding her purpose in listening to people and writing about them.  

At Story Bar, we strive to bring the extraordinary stories of ordinary people online. We dive deep into the untold stories of writers, artists, storytellers, professionals, organizations, entrepreneurs, and change-makers. 

Who we are if not the stories that shape our lives? Truth, lies, love, hope, rise, and fall — everything beyond and between, they all make a good story. We search for light in stories to illumine the dark within. Let’s make some room for light, let’s hear a good story.

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