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  • Pragya Priyadarshani

Storytelling Podcasts: Where You Can Own Your Story

Engaging, compelling, convincing, and inspiring motivational stories - that’s what we look for in storytelling podcasts. The modern world with its gift of technology has removed barriers of communication to a large extent. No matter which part of the world we are in or what activity we are engaged in, the channels of communication are always open. Unless we have been kidnapped and forcefully kept in the dark!

Storytelling podcasts have emerged as a great platform to dive into someone else’s journey, and take a lesson or two. And the best part about these platforms is that no one really comes to “preach” here. It’s extraordinarily simple - everyone has a story to tell and podcasts do make some people very comfortable, offering them a room of their own.

Communication has never been simpler with so many effective channels for a conversation - storytelling podcasts being one of them.

It may be inspiring, emotional or may be about someone’s life journey or experiences which brings out the best stories which the audiences would love to hear and can connect with it.

Here are five of my favourite storytelling podcasts, do take out some time to engage with them:

Oprah Winfrey’s Podcast

Her podcasts let you connect to the deeper meaning of the world around you. It’s a must-listen podcast where she talks with the thought leaders and best selling authors, spiritual luminaries as well as health and wellness experts. These interviews are very engaging and inspiring and can truly act as a guiding light in your life.

Joe Rogan Podcast

Long form conversations are the best if you want to dive into the depth of an individual’s story and also keep it engaging for the audiences. Joe Rogan is one of the motivational speakers who loves to host long form conversations with the comedians, actors, musicians and commentators. This is an experience you must not miss.

The Story Bar Podcast

It is a platform where one can share their life’s journey or experiences. Beyond that one can look up for inspiring and motivational stories to listen. The founder and host Garima Gayatri from the Story Bar takes interviews of different people from across the globe and brings some delightful conversations on the table.

This American Life Podcast

Ira Glass is the founder and host of This American Life. It has been airing since 1995. It is journalism built around plots and characters and which sets the bar for all storytelling podcasts.

Revisionist History

Malcolm Gladwell is the host of this storytelling podcast. It’s a story podcast based on the perspective of a historical event, person, or idea. It reinterprets each element, leaving listeners to ponder what actually happened.

Wish to share your story at The Story Bar, reach out to us.

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