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Pitbulls: The misunderstood companions

Pitbull – a pet? They are 'more dangerous' than other dogs, have the strongest bite, and have a 'locking jaw'. They are said to have a 'negative temperament', be bad with kids, and mean to strangers.

I had heard stories about how dangerous pit bulls were. However, I was also curious and genuinely interested in understanding the reasons behind these perceptions.

Pit bulls have a complex history. In the 1700s, they were used in brutal bear and bull-baiting sports, where they were trained to attack wild animals cruelly chained to a post. This history of fighting often leads people to assume that these dogs are inherently dangerous, associating them with aggression.

We've heard about numerous incidents where a pit bull, seemingly cordial its entire life, suddenly snapped and turned on its owner with harmful consequences. When these attacks are reported, it's often claimed that the dog was unprovoked and the attack came out of nowhere. Is this really true?

Our lives changed completely when we brought Scooby home. She is all about love. As we began to understand her, we realized that upbringing plays a significant role, just like with any pet. Any dog can become aggressive if triggered, depending on how you behave around them.

Scooby is family. She senses our moods and energies, and similarly, we've adapted to hers. Isn't that how any human relationship works?

While we can't fully understand what goes on inside every pit bull's mind, what we've learned is that we love Scooby and she reciprocates with pure love, joy, and happiness. She's my best friend.

It's unfair how pit bulls face discrimination, and I'm not sure how the record can be set straight. However, I'm confident that proud pitbull parents have a different story to share.

With ❤


(Thank you Gyanesh for sharing your story with us. We celebrate you and Scooby. This story was part of our #InternationalDogDay campaign.)


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