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(Image credits: Unsplash)

How much sugar to add to tea?

A simple question, but a key

To the fine balance we all need.

And folding clothes, how to do it right?

A task that seems mundane at first sight,

But sums up little acts of care and attention.

Why believe in family above all else?

Because love and support never dwells In the hearts of strangers or mere friends,

But in the bonds that a family tends.

What makes the heart smile?

Perhaps it's the joy of living free,

Or the laughter of loved ones close by,

Bringing warmth to a cold winter's night.

And why cry your heart out in pain?

To release the hurt and emotional strain,

To cleanse the soul and start anew,

With a fresh perspective and a hopeful view.

It all begins with making your bed,

A simple task that clears the head,

And sets the tone for a productive day,

With purpose and intent leading the way.

God was never somewhere else,

But always within us, a guiding help,

A source of strength and unwavering love,

Watching over us, just like her.

The 6 am wake up call, a daunting task,

But a challenge that she makes look so easy,

With a determination to start the day right,

And greet the world with a renewed might.

Going for a walk, a request to push the body,

To get moving and stay healthy,

And coming home to a warm cup of tea,

A comfort that can ease any agony.

Instilling discipline to take a shower before breakfast,

A habit that can make us feel our best,

And taking blessings before anything else,

A reminder of the love and support that helps.

Distributing work equally, never discriminating,

Between the boy and the girl, all participating,

And everyone gets the same share of love and scolding,

Building character and strength that is worth holding.

Praying for everyone's wellness, every day and every moment,

A practice that reminds us of our commitment,

To care for each other through thick and thin,

To live in harmony and make a stand.

And the childlike arguments with Papa that reveal,

The secrets of a long and happy marriage that heal,

"I'll take care of the rest," she says with love,

A lesson that's worth more than words can prove.

And not to forget, she teaches only through love.


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